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    Apr 27, 2018

    Hello Everyone,

    The company that owns Mineage owns several servers, one of which is "TheArchon". TheArchon is one of if not the largest Factions server in Minecraft, and has been highly successful since its relaunch. MineagePvP and FearPvP will be merging into Archon, with a release of this new hybrid realm early next month (June). All donator ranks will be compensated when moving to TheArchon, information for that will be posted on their forums, https://thearchon.net/community/. Thank you to everyone that has played Mineage, after 20 maps it's time to move on to better things. We hope to see you on TheArchon as part of our new future.

    Will I keep my ranks?
    Yes, all ranks will be compensated.

    What will the new realm be called?
    The Infectious Realm.

    Where do I find information about the next map?
    Specifics about everything will be posted on https://thearchon.net/community/.

    Will Mineage ever come back?
    The current future of Mineage is to take place on Archon.

    Best Regards,
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