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    In an attempt to keep you all updated with changes we are making day-to-day on the server and forums, we are publishing this daily changelog.

    April 26th 2017

    • Fixed being able to use /xpsalvage in combat
    April 17th 2017
    • Fixed scoreboard colors for 1.7 clients.
    April 16th 2017
    • Increased the max player slots from 300 -> 500.
    April 15th 2017
    • Disabled all debuff potions.
    • Fixed an issue that would allow players to use nether portals to travel to restricted locations.
    • Automatic server reboots will now be queued if a KOTH is active until it ends.
    April 10th 2017
    • Stopped dead players from being able to execute commands.
    April 8th 2017
    • Stopped players who are suffocating inside non-falling blocks from being teleported to spawn if they are in the wilderness.
    April 7th 2017
    • Fixed an issue with the previous patch that caused players to teleport to spawn when suffocating inside falling blocks.
    April 6th 2017
    • Added patch to teleport players to spawn if they suffocate inside non-falling blocks.
    April 2nd 2017
    • Fixed being able to use nether portals to teleport to non-wilderness claims in some situations
    • Removed Marriages (April Fools!)
    April 1st 2017
    • Reformatted the Ban Report template
    • Reformatted the Ban Appeal template
    • Changed obsidian durability from 10 -> 3
    • Fixed issue causing some purchases on the server to not be delivered within 5 minutes
    • Added Marriages! (Update: April Fools!)
    March 30th 2017
    • Disabled Boats
    March 28th 2017
    • Added /youtubers
    • Removed youtubers from /staff
    • Granted access to /warp staff
    • Granted access to /warp yt
    • Removed the Citadel event KOTH
    March 27th 2017
    • Changed the youtuber group tag from "&8[&fYou&4Tuber&8] &f" -> "&8[&fYou&4Tuber&8] &d"
    • Reduced IronGolems health by 75% if they are spawned from a spawner.
    • Fixed an issue in the spawner rate limiter that would cause certain spawners to flag as under the limit while they should not have been.
    • Increased the spawner rate limit by 50%.
    March 26th 2017
    • Added particles for the ""&4&l[&dPromised&4&l]" event winners armor.
    • Granted permission for /tptoggle to youtubers
    • Granted permission for /msgtoggle to youtubers
    • Omitted other group tags from youtubers display names.
    March 25th 2017 (Event day)
    • Granted access to /warp event
    • Granted access to [Free] signs
    • Added event Citadel KOTH.
    • Added event booster pads.
    March 24th 2017
    • Increased the entity limit per chunk.
    • Changed the reboot intervals back to 12AM/PM.
    March 23rd 2017
    • Omitted factions with no worth from /f top
    March 22nd 2017
    • Reduced /f top calculation time
    • Fixed issue where some factions that had claims outside of the world border would not be calculated on /f top.
    March 21st 2017
    • Deployed optimisation to entity limiting (We will work on increasing the entity limit per chunk in the coming days)
    March 20th 2017
    • Fixed server performance issues. (TPS should be much more stable as of now).
    • Corrected obsidian damage chat announcement.
    • Made it so frozen players don't get kicked for being AFK.
    March 19th 2017
    • Fixed /f top
    March 18th 2017
    • Removed old rank names from announcements
    March 16th 2017
    • Fixed Super Boots speed expiring before re-applying.
    • Fixed some crate rewards still having the previous rank names.
    • Fixed /ffcheck all spamming did not hit messages.
    • Fixed /f top not updating.
    March 15th 2017
    • Removed 64x Diamonds from the Treasure Drop rewards.
    March 13th 2017
    • Fixed KOTH scoreboard not reflecting new capture time.
    • Fixed incorrect permission ladders.
    March 12th 2017
    • Blocked all /auction commands while in combat.
    • Changed the admin group prefix to "&8&l[&c&lAdmin&8&l] &b&l".
    • Reduced the KOTH capture time for 10 minutes -> 5 minutes.
    • Made KOTH cycle every 3 hours.
    • Replaced the NetherTower KOTH.
    • Replaced the Oasis KOTH.
    • Fixed JrAdmin's not being able to use forum thread prefixes.
    • Fixed JrAdmin's not being able to view denied forum ban reports.
    • Fixed being able to enderpearl through fence gates.
    March 9th 2017
    • Increased KOTH reward from 1x KOTH Treasure Key -> 2x KOTH Treasure Keys
    March 6th 2017
    • Granted permission for /blocks (/condense) to everybody.
    • Removed the 4PM reboot.
    • Changed the following group names:
      • EnderGod -> EnderLord
      • Zeus -> Executor
      • God -> Emperor
    March 4th 2017
    • Fixed Magic Wands not working on trapped chests.
    • Fixed border stacking working in certain conditions.
    • Reduced the cost of /enchantsalvage from $2500 -> $1250.
    March 3rd 2017
    • Added Magic Wands!
      • These will sell all items in a non-locked chest for their equivalent /sell price when you attempt to open them with it in your hand.
    • Added /enchantsalvage
    March 2nd 2017
    • Allowed /fly in the shop
    • Made it so recruits cannot teleport other players into their own faction land.
    March 1st 2017
    • Added /vanish and /god status display to the scoreboard for staff members
    • Reworked unique scoreboard line handling
    • Fixed /auctionall
    • Fixed /ffcheck
    February 28th 2017
    • Made it so you cannot /sell magic blocks or items
    February 27th 2017
    • Added the "MVP" tag rank
      • Congratulations "Subzay" for winning the 1v1 tournament!
    • Made tag rank prefixes stack with non-tag ranks
    • Fixed critical /invsee issue for staff members
    • Made all Vote Crate rewards announce in chat
    February 26th 2017
    • Granted /mutechat bypass to staff members
    • Reduced max animal and monster age from 60 seconds -> 30 seconds
    • Fixed server performance issues
    February 25th 2017
    • Restored the server to a backup taken at 7AM
      • This occurred due to a hardware failure during a world save, thus leading to the primary map save becoming corrupted.
    February 24th 2017
    • Changed the reboot intervals from 12AM/PM to 4AM/PM to not clash with KOTH.
    • Fixed some spawners failing to spawn.
    • Fixed /enchantmentsalvage being able to salvage items being used with an active mcMMO Ability.
    • Fixed /enchantmentsalvage being able to salvage Treasure Keys.
    • Fixed /enchantmentsalvage books not working in anvils.
    • Fixed Jr. Admins being unable to view denied ban reports on the forums.
    • Fixed Jr. Admins being unable to manage helper applications on the forums.
    • Stopped items being used with an active mcMMO Ability from being auctioned.
    • Stopped Zombie spawners from spawning Chickens and Baby Zombies.
    • Stopped Iron Golems from dropping Poppies when they are killed.
    • Stopped you from being able to pick up items while spinning a crate.
    • Changed the Jr. Admin forum tag color from aqua to yellow.
    • Granted NoCheatPlus chat check exemption to staff members.
    • Added multiplication and division to the chat trivia.
    • Made all KOTH Crate rewards announce in chat.
    February 23rd 2017
    • Replaced the hub build
    • Removed "HCF" from the hub scoreboard
    • Removed "HCF" from the server selector
    February 17-20th 2017
    • Completed LMS development
    February 16th 2017
    • Prevented Treasure Keys from being used with /xpsalvage
    • Fixed entity collisions not working correctly
    February 15th 2017
    • Changed reboot intervals to 12AM/PM
    • Removed /aucall from auction help as it is not a command
    • Fixed server TPS issue
    • Added /removename
    February 14th 2017
    • Fixed anti-netherportal-raid patch not working
    February 13th 2017
    • Added patch to remove certain entities after one minute of livetime
    • Correct EnderPearl /sell price to $80/stack -> $100/stack
    • Fixed JrAdmin and Developer not showing up on the forums staff tab
    February 11th 2017
    • Fixed server TPS issue
    • Added NetherTower KOTH
    • Fixed /f warp
    • Fixed potions not working in the end
    February 10th 2017
    • Activated TNT
    • Removed /fly from everybody except groups Zeus+
    • Fixed border stacking working in the end
    • Fixed TNT blowing up lava
    • Fixed
    February 9th 2017
    • Fixed server TPS issue
    • Fixed pvp not working correctly in the end
    February 8th 2017
    • Allowed /home in allied territory
    • Added support for Co-Leaders to /f warp
    February 7th 2017
    • Added subtractions to the chat trivia
    • Fixed EnderPearls not working on stairs
    • Increased hopper speeds from 2 items/second -> 4 items/second
    February 6th 2017
    • Modified the end terrain to have bedrock at y:0 and endstone from y:1 -> y:30
    • Modified the end terrain around to spawn to be void
    • Fixed endstone in the end reappearing when it is destroyed
    • Added /warp claimend
    • Added the Archer Pack to /gems shop for 5000 gems
      • 1x Protection 4 Unbreaking 3 Leather Helmet
      • 1x Protection 4 Unbreaking 3 Leather Chestplate
      • 1x Protection 4 Unbreaking 3 Leather Leggings
      • 1x Protection 4 Unbreaking 3 Leather Boots
    • Fixed the forums
    February 5th 2017
    • Released the end
      • Layer of bedrock from y:0 -> y:30
      • 1500x1500 World Border
    • Fixed TNT being able to blow up WarZone claims
    • Fixed /warp fps
    February 4th 2017
    • Fixed our scoreboards overriding mcMMO scoreboards
    • Changed the developer group prefix from "&4[&cDeveloper&4] &c" -> "&4&l[&c&lDeveloper&4&l] &c&l"
    • Change the jradmin group prefix from "&b&l[&4&lJrAdmin&b&l] &b&l" -> "&b&l[&4&lJr. Admin&b&l] &b&l"
    • Removed some random patches of non-flat bedrock
    • Made [ITEM] case insensitive
    • Buffed Archer Class
      • Constant Speed 2 -> Speed 3
      • Sugar Speed 3 5s -> Speed 4 15s
    • Changed /alert prefix from "&8[&b&lMineage&6&lPvP&8]" -> "&3[&bMineage&6&lPvP&3]"
    • Fixed Multiverse exploit
    • Fixed chat trivia exploit
    • Fixed "You have been kicked for flying"
    • Increased the chances of winning slots from 0.2% -> 0.3%
    • Fixed being able to take fall damage at /warp shop
    February 3rd 2017 [RESET]
    • Reset playerdata
    • Reset gems
    • Reset vaults
    • Added the KOTH crate
      • KOTH will reward you 1x KOTH crate treasure key when you successfully capture it.
    • Added Tower KOTH
    • Added Jungle KOTH
    • Added Oasis KOTH
    • Added End KOTH
    • Added KOTH announcement
    • Removed floAuction
    • Added AuctionHouse
      • Changed logic from the previous generation to only allow the max stack size of the item to be auctioned in the same auction.
    • Leaves placed by players will no longer decay
    • Added KOTHMaster NPC to spawn
    • Added AuctionHouse NPC to spawn
    • Added Scoreboards
      • They will show the following:
        • KOTHs
        • Treasure Drops
        • Combat Tag Timers
        • EnderPearl Cooldown Timers
    • Renamed /server factions -> /server og
    • Added the farm kit
    • Reduced the cost of crafting tnt without sand from $4 -> $2
    • Added Block Elevators
    • Added Disguises
      • Overseer+ can access the creeper, zombie and skeleton disguises.
      • You will be undisguised when you are in combat and/or in the WarZone.
    • Added Magic Sand to the /gems shop for 75 gems.
    • Reduced pricing of Magic Items in the /gems shop
      • x16 Magic Cobblestone: 300 gems -> 50 gems
      • x16 Magic Obsidian: 600 gems -> 150 gems
    • Added /nametag to allow you to change the color of your nametag.
    • Added /nametag announcement.
    • Granted permission for /fly to everyone for the duration of the grace period.
    • Added chat trivias
      • These trivias will ask you to answer the sum of two numbers from 0-1000 in chat, the first person to answer will be rewarded a random amount of gems from 0-1000.
    • Added the Archer class (Full Leather Armor)
      • You will gain constant Resistance 3 and Speed 2 while wearing the armor.
      • You will have double bow damage while wearing the armor.
      • You are able to consume sugar once per 30 seconds and gain Speed 3 for 5 seconds.
    • Added Archer class announcement
    • Added /teamspeak
    • Added /forums
    • Added Magic Block [Buy] signs to the shop
      • 64x Magic Cobblestone: $1000
      • 64x Magic Sand: $2000
      • 64x Magic Obsidian: $7500
    • Added Magic Block shop announcement
    • Added weekly shop item announcement
    • Added the "JrAdmin" group
    • Added Slots
    • Added 3x Slot coins as a voting reward
    • Changed announcement selection logic to announce in sequential order
    • Fixed lava overriding the grace period TNT block
    • Improved the /server menu
    • Changed the default group prefix from "&8[&7Member&8] &7" -> "&3[&fMember&3] &f"
    • Added spacers to reboot alerts
    • Added "Co-Leader" faction rank
      • You may set up to a maximum of two co-leaders
    • Increased the available slots in the hub
    • Modified /kit spawn (First-Join kit)
    • Blocked /home in territory that is owned by a player faction that you are not a member of
    • Gave spawners a 90% change of dropping from TNT
    • Tweaked /kit potions
    • Tweaked /kit cannon
    February 2nd 2017
    • Fixed gif avatars on the forums
    January 5th 2016
    • Removed legions
    • Fixed
    December 21st 2016
    • Added the hub server
    • Added the "Blizzard" tag rank
    • Added legions
    December 18th 2016
    • Modified factions /f who command to tab-complete online player names instead of faction names.
    December 14th 2016
    • Fixed game modes resetting when changing worlds
    December 12th 2016
    • Fixed auction spawner naming issue
    December 10th 2016
    • Added vote crate
    • Added 1x vote crate key voting reward
    December 8th 2016
    • Increased max TNT processing per tick from 1000 -> 2000.
    December 7th 2016
    • Fixed /warp cancellation being ignored
    • Blocked /back in combat
    December 3rd 2016
    December 2nd 2016
    • Enabled ender pearls in the warzone
    • Added the Builder group
    • Changed obsidian TNT protection durability from 3 -> 10
    • Added Magic Hoe to /gems shop
    December 1st 2016
    • Removed /fly warmup
    • Made Magic blocks stack to the sky limit
    November 29th 2016
    • Fixed /tntfill
    • Added Magic Hoe
    November 28th 2016
    • Fixed cocoa beans in /sell
    November 27th 2016
    • Added 10 second warmup to /fly
    • Fixed forum smilies
    • Changed Treasure Drop spawn logic to allow spawning at negative coordinates.
    November 26th 2016
    • Added Muffins
    • Increased Treasure Drop claim protection from 1 chunk to 3x3 chunks around the selected drop coordinates.
    • Fixed friendly fire working in the warzone
    • Fixed not being able to enter vehicles (horses & minecarts)
    November 25th 2016
    • Fixed 3-5 second lag spike issue
    November 24th 2016
    • Added 1.7 hologram support
    • Added Magic Cobblestone
      • This cobblestone will spawn 19 cobblestones above it when placed so long as it is not obstructed by any solid blocks. It can be obtained from /gems shop.
    • AFK kicker modified to not kick you when you are in your own territory.
    November 22nd 2016
    • Buffed cactus growth modifiers
    • Fixed server crash issue
    • Fixed printer not working
    November 21st 2016
    • Changed Treasure Drop spawn logic to spawn drops 30 blocks above the highest placed block at the selected drop coordinates.
    • Fixed FTop having incorrect spawner and block worth values
    November 19th 2016 (Server Reset)
    • Fixed the welcome message showing the incorrect unique playercount
    • Fixed /wild having an incorrect warmup timer
    • Fixed anti logout in base patch
    • Added /auction
    • Added /gems shop
    • Added /sell
    • Added Super Potions
    • Added Magic Shovel
    • Added new announcements
    • Added new entity limiter
    • Added jump pads to spawn
    • Removed Slots
    • Removed KOTH
    • Removed AuctionHouse
    • Blocked /wild when in combat
    • Voting rewards changed from $600 and 3 slot coins to $600 and 300 Gems

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