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Apr 27, 2018
    1. Katana99
      hello we are currently on f top 2 how and when will you pay us becouse on /spawn it says every week after grace period we will get portion of money and do i need my paypal accout?
      1. Stick3rz
        Im pretty sure you do not get a pay out for the 19th as that is when tnt was and/or should have been enabled. However, /setpaypal [Email] is the command you need to do to set the paypal email address that the f top prize is sent too.
        May 21, 2018
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    2. Parkster69
      how do i get my rank transfer I'm not buying it again
    3. Parkster69
      Please transfer rank from raid to mineage i should be wither rank because i was legend on raid look at the form i filled out
      1. dynamitefly
        Dang this turned out to a shitfest
        May 16, 2018
      2. Parkster69
        ik i want my rank
        May 19, 2018
    4. Parkster69
      transfer my rank please
    5. beastlol
    6. Lego8200
      Bro the server crashed yesterday and I had a coin flip up for 600k, then when I went to log on today the /coinflip command is gone, and I lost all my money. I also Lost all my xp I had -600+ from the large xp from the crystal crate. My ign Is Lego8200 Please Help.
    7. BossCraftPlays
      Hey My minecraft account BossCraftPlays was hacked an I no longer have access to it. I Now play on Banshevus. I was wondering if I could get my rank back (Zeus) I can provide proof of purchase. At the least please remove the Zeus rank from my hacked account. I still have access to my forum account on BossCraftPlays which im using now. Thanks -Banshevus
      1. BossCraftPlays
        I've regained access to emial for the account and the account has been transferd. I belive someone hacked my account and sold it
        Sep 5, 2016
    8. mori87
      i was an overlord and now my rank is gone what do i do
    9. XxnachiterxX
      Hello there! I had lost my rank in the new reset! I was a king and i don't think that its fair for me to have to pay for another kit when i had already rightfully paid for one a while back. There is no reason for me to be lying because if i was, i would be saying that i had a higher rank but i didn't. so can you please assist me and please make me a king again. my IGN is nachiggy
    10. Daniel108869
      Excuse me I am trying to upgrade from God to overseer, but It doesn't allow me to buy the upgrade. Also take into account that a friend bought me this rank, and I want to upgrade with my own card this time.
    11. Pdiddy57
      I lost my rank in the new reset please help. Im not lying it was GOD
    12. youwumboIwumbo
      do i lose my rank in the new reset
    13. nic
      I need help please because when I log into the game it just says "Kicked for flying or something else" please help me my IGN is DasherPlayz
    14. jAcob125453
      Hi trkey, since you are an administrator can you please unban my account.
    15. Wisewon
      hello turky i was wondering if you can help me. i wanted to know if we could i our rank from lava the cause i had a rank their and i was wondering get it back over here in mineage cause a few of my friends said you can and told me to contact the staff. thx for reading this and plz text me back for i can get some info. my name on mine age is wisewon and on lava i had the rank flame and thx again if you can help me.
    16. ThePVPMasterMC
      how or why does it still say your owner? shouldnt nyalon be?
    17. Turuzzo
      hi mr. trkey, i'm italian and this friday i bought the god rank, but it glitched and i didn't receive it, my game nick is Turuzzo_, i also have the receipt, i hope you could help me soon please
    18. Turuzzo
      plsi spent my money and i didnt receive it
      1. ThePVPMasterMC
        you have to email them and he isnt owner anymore nyalon is
        Apr 10, 2016
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    19. cocoleopard
      Trkey I got banned for a hack client but i havent even come across a way to get a hack client is there anyway you giv unban me becuase i spent all day playing that server and so did my mates but now they wont because of me getting banned my fourtune for no reason thanks and please unban me
    20. Turuzzo
      hi mr. trkey, i'm italian and this friday i bought the god rank, but it glitched and i didn't receive it, my game nick is Turuzzo_, i also have the receipt, i hope you could help me soon please
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