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  1. MrsVaultt
  2. MrVault
  3. Chaarlotte
    hi there im a big fan
    1. Warm
      im a bigger fan
      Apr 17, 2018
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  4. Heyguysnyalonhere
    Heyguysnyalonhere Alertly
    your my best friend
  5. enskitch
    enskitch Amazing
    does the server got an support e-mail? have a importen message i need to discuss
  6. BeastPvPz
    BeastPvPz Disciplined
    awesome staff, active, always helps people in chat
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  7. Oink
    Oink HumanWhiteBoy
  8. builder1909
  9. BeastPvPz
    BeastPvPz HumanWhiteBoy
    Very chill and understanding staff member
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  10. BeastPvPz
    BeastPvPz Furry
    come bak
    1. builder1909
      Mar 15, 2018
  11. Heyguysnyalonhere
    @Suit unban me or your not cool
    1. builder1909
      you're bad at racing games
      Mar 14, 2018
  12. builder1909
  13. Lego8200
    Lego8200 MaltoxTv.
    yo im sorry I scammed u I needed 20k to buy a pvp set and didnt have enough money. I shouldn't have went to scamming. Sorry brudah. (also that was before u were staff on the server if i knew u were going to be staff I would've obviously not done that and if I was on today I would've given u the money back.)
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    2. MaltoxTv.
      It's fine Lego, it isn't a big deal. Are you capable of appealing?
      Mar 11, 2018
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    3. Lego8200
      I already did one like weeks aago
      Mar 11, 2018
  14. amit
    amit HumanWhiteBoy
    fuck staff
    1. builder1909
      Mar 12, 2018
  15. JDI
    JDI 21Zavage
    Stablammie :D
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    2. 21Zavage
      lmao yuuuhh
      Mar 5, 2018
  16. JDI
    JDI Disciplined
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    2. builder1909
      Mar 5, 2018
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  17. Lego8200
    Lego8200 Amazing
    bro jdi charged back on my account and i got banned for it and now hes staff?????
  18. builder1909
    builder1909 Kevvy10
    League of Losers
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    2. BeastPvPz
      Are you calling him a loser? If yes, +1 :)
      Mar 14, 2018
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  19. FakaSven
    Ayy my forums account is unbanned idk when it happend but cool! was forum banned for 2 years :/
  20. jessePVPz
    jessePVPz Kevvy10
    Btw sorry for late respond im not that activ on the forums i am ingame tho