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by ErikaTV at 5:42 PM
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Obviously there was forum reset. We were in need of one. I know most of you guys have spent a lot of time into it, and I totally understand the situation. There have been many incidents where that has happened to me. But its for the better of the community and now it is time to create new memories and new posts.

There will be many haters, mostly the people that had a lot of posts on here and spent long amounts of time on here. But there will be people that love this change, you now have a...
by ErikaTV at 5:05 PM
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Hello Mineage Community!

As you currently see the forums have been HUGELY renovated.

Thank you to @Bill Applegate for updating that for us.

Anyways, lets cut right to the chase on what the new updates that have been implemented!


User Online Button:

A green corner piece will visibly show up on your user block when you are online browsing the...