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by Furry at 1:15 PM
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Hello. We have recently cancelled the domains involved with .org to Mineage. if you wish to connect to Mineage any longer. Just be sure to use mineagepvp.com or mc.mineagepvp.com. If you have anything tied with .org that involves Mineage. it will no longer work. Just be sure to use .com! -Mason
by Furry at 5:13 PM
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Hello everyone,
In the past several weeks the Mineage Staff Team has been working very hard to optimize the next reset. We have invested lots of time and effort into making sure this reset is the best it can be. On the behalf of the entire Mineage Staff Team, I would like to announce the time of the upcoming reset!
The reset will take place on August 19th OR August 26th at 5:00PM EST. This time is subject to change depending on what alternatives are suggested. If you are unsure what time...
by Furry at 11:14 AM
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So far we have been doing quite a bit of work to the testing server. so far we have the spawn done, and all of the warps for mineage done. Here are some screenshots of the warp desert, spawn, and shop. +Things removed, Mob Stacking, Mcmmo Head drops. +Things added, Creeper eggs in /shop, under "Raid" section. and as for everything we will be trying to add will be listed on http://forum.mineagepvp.org/threads/reset.69238/ And yes reset money will be coming... If you have any...
by Fortune at 1:36 PM
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I'm aware that there has been some issues with posting Helper applications. To those who cannot post an application please start a convo with me and the other staff members and post the applications there.

Remember to follow the format - https://goo.gl/Te1mH2
by Nyalon at 10:56 PM
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As some of you may have seen we added a new mystical realm! This realm is the same as the castle realm game play wise. Now you might be wondering why we added a new realm. Mineage is growing, and one realm is just not enough to hold the players we will be getting in the next month. This new realm changes nothing about mineage other than the fact that now when castle realm is full more players can play on and enjoy what mineage has to offer.

Hope you guys understand the small change we have...
by Fortune at 2:29 PM
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Hello everyone,

We are currently looking to expand the staff team. We are looking for more helpers. Please follow the format and fill it to the best of your abilities. I will be deleting all the applications in the next 12 hours. If you want to keep your application I suggest you copy them somewhere. Please prepare to make new applications, we are doing this in order to have an equal view on all the helper applications. If you have any other questions pm me on forums.

Good luck with the...
by Nyalon at 2:29 AM
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Hey guys,

Here is a list of everything that has changed since the revamp/reset.

• /f warps no longer cost money
• East/West cannoning has been fixed
• The balance limit has been set to 5 million
• Potions now always give the effect when consumed
• Various commands have been disabled while in combat (Eg: /enderchest)
• /tnt now crafts tnt when you have sufficient gunpowder in your inventory
• In-game message have been revamped
• Enderpearl cooldowns have been fixed
by Nyalon at 9:16 PM
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Mineage Revamp and Reset
April 29th 4:00PM EST (subject to change)

Hey guys,

As you all may or may not have seen with the past few Mineage maps we have had a lot of crashes, bugs and broken plugins. We have taken it upon ourselves to invest $15,000 into a huge revamp/overhaul of the Mineage server!

The revamp will be going live on April 29th at 4:00PM EST (subject to change)

Below I will list out some of the changes, I will try...
by Harry at 10:57 PM
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Hello everyone,

The server is currently offline due to a crash exploit in the server software. We are actively working on fixing this and should have the server back online within a few hours.

Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE: The issue has been resolved.
by trkey at 4:52 PM
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Hey guys,

I have decided to resign from my owner position on mineage. I sold my shares to Nyalon, who will be running the server from now on.

Before i left though, we spent 15k$ on a huge update. Mineage is gonna be really really awesome soon, I just dont have the time to run it anymore + i wanna focus my funds elsewhere.

It's been a crazy ride owning and managing this (sometimes) toxic community, lol. But this is definitely the right decision for the server and for me.

You guys are...