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by Furry at 3:09 AM
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So many people have been talking about the doom of the server.
It truly tears me apart and just makes me outright sad when i come on the forums and see all the apocalyptic talk and all of the people "quitting" saying the server is trash and its doomed so on so on.
Welp, I know we haven't done much this reset. As i rushed it because you guys wanted it really bad.
I have some stuff we are currently working on, as this reset i am trying to fully listen to what the community wants. If you have...
by Harry at 2:16 PM
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Hello everyone,

Unfortunately earlier today we discovered that one of our administrators forum accounts had been compromised and that the forums had been vandalized.

We have no reason to believe that any of your personal data has been accessed.

The forums have been fully restored to a backup taken yesterday and everything should be back to normal.

by Furry at 4:59 PM
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Hey guys,

So recently, the staff team has been working on a new event. We have come with the conclusion of a Staff Castle Event. This event is similar to the Staff vs Players event that we hosted last October, but this one has a twist.

This event will be hosted from /warp event that we will soon create. There will be a bedrock castle with prizes being protected by the staff team. We will be in the center of the castle, waiting. We will be equipped with knockback swords and punch bows. Come...
by Furry at 9:08 PM
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Hello everyone,
Recently we've been working very hard on making the upcoming MineagePvP reset the best we've ever had. There's been many small bug fixes and changes and well as a few new ideas we've implemented and through all this work, together we think this reset will be as great for you guys as it can be.

When: Saturday November 19th,...
by Furry at 4:26 PM
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Hello. We will be hosting a raiding event on the 28th of October. (This upcoming friday) At 5:00 PM EST. Basically everyone will be directed to certain coordinates IN GAME when the time comes. There will be certain regulations regarding how much land you can claim around the base, because obviously some faction will claim all around the base, and i will deal with this. There will be a base made by me and there will be exclusive prizes and special event items held inside of this creation....
by Samtanq at 1:40 PM
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So within the last hour or so @SuperMasony and @Harry have been working on making the server 1.7 compatible as pvp in 1.8 is harder. So here we have it. Mineage back to 1.7 again. As you know we will now be banning anyone using 1.7 clients/mods ( as it says otherwise in rules and people's knowledge)
So recently mineage became compatiable with 1.7 and the first thing we were thinking about was people using 1.7 clients on other servers and them being...
by Furry at 1:15 PM
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Hello. We have recently cancelled the domains involved with .org to Mineage. if you wish to connect to Mineage any longer. Just be sure to use mineagepvp.com or mc.mineagepvp.com. If you have anything tied with .org that involves Mineage. it will no longer work. Just be sure to use .com! -Mason
by Furry at 5:13 PM
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Hello everyone,
In the past several weeks the Mineage Staff Team has been working very hard to optimize the next reset. We have invested lots of time and effort into making sure this reset is the best it can be. On the behalf of the entire Mineage Staff Team, I would like to announce the time of the upcoming reset!
The reset will take place on August 19th OR August 26th at 5:00PM EST. This time is subject to change depending on what alternatives are suggested. If you are unsure what time...
by Furry at 11:14 AM
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So far we have been doing quite a bit of work to the testing server. so far we have the spawn done, and all of the warps for mineage done. Here are some screenshots of the warp desert, spawn, and shop. +Things removed, Mob Stacking, Mcmmo Head drops. +Things added, Creeper eggs in /shop, under "Raid" section. and as for everything we will be trying to add will be listed on http://forum.mineagepvp.org/threads/reset.69238/ And yes reset money will be coming... If you have any...
by Fortune at 1:36 PM
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I'm aware that there has been some issues with posting Helper applications. To those who cannot post an application please start a convo with me and the other staff members and post the applications there.

Remember to follow the format - https://goo.gl/Te1mH2