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by Amazing at 7:05 PM
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Hello everyone, and welcome to the official announcement thread for MineagePvP Reborn! (Map 18)

I will be going over everything that's being added/changed this map in this thread.
But before I get into that, let it be known that the release date for Map 18 is..

Saturday, January 6th at 2 PM EST (11 AM PST, 7 PM GMT)

Important Information

  • The overworld world border will be...
by trkey at 8:50 PM
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Hey everyone, trkey here.

Some of you may remember me being the owner of Mineage about two years ago, and if you do.. you probably remember how that went. We didn't have the best of maps back then, but it was because we were not very experienced in the competitive Factions gamemode at the time.

Almost exactly two years later, here I am again, as the owner of Mineage... but this time we're going to do it right.

@Amazing and I have been running successful factions servers...
by Furry at 8:10 PM
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Well, I don't know how to say this, but I'm going to keep this short. I believe everyone has wanted and recommended this to happen... Seeing as I have nothing left to invest with, I believe its better for the server and me to part. I believe this will be the best thing to do, to ensure Mineage has the best future.
It's been a good ride for the past year or so. I hope everyone has enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better then before, if you guys need any help or have any questions be...
by Furry at 12:12 PM
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Hello! I am happy to announce the release of map XVII!
Whether or not you will be joining us for this occasion I would like you welcome you back, or welcome you here if It's your first time checking out the server!
It's been a while since the last wipe, as it was in May of this year, It's time to get things rolling again!
Unfortunately we won't be having a trailer made, as this post will mostly sum everything up and I don't...
by Furry at 5:37 AM
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Hello! Before I get started I'm going to be stating and apologizing for the lack of updates lately, as I had made HCF intending it to go somewhere, as its always been a dream for me to own an HCF server, but the YouTubers I had hired had changed their minds about showing up on the server for SOTW that map. Anyways forget about mistakes it's time to move on! I am currently working on the new map for a soon release! I'm open and looking for suggestions and wanting to sincerely know what you...
by Furry at 5:46 PM
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Hello! It's been awhile since I've posted anything in regards to the server or where I am going to be heading with it. It's time to try something new seeing as we aren't doing so well right now. (No I will not stop updating the original factions server) Now many people will be thinking that this server will be disappointing, thinking this will have low quality hit detection and plugins etc etc. This is NOT the case! Much time and effort has been put into the server optimizing everything the...
by Yia at 5:49 PM
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Hey guys, my name's Yia. I am the new Mineage HCF Manager and will be doing everything I can do make HCF as good as it can be. If you have questions pertaining to HCF, feel free to DM me. I will not be doing anything on OG however so if you have any questions about OG, message a different staff member.

Some questions you may have:
Will staff on OG carry over to HCF? If a staff on OG wants to become Helper on HCF, they will have to either apply or be hand-picked by me.
When will HCF...
by Furry at 5:24 PM
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Well, it's no surprise that this thread is a bit overdue; however, the entirety of the MineagePvP staff team has been working very hard in order to get this next map out. With that said, I introduce you to Map 16 of MineagePvP, our biggest reset yet.

Before reading below, I strongly encourage you to watch our new trailer for this upcoming map

Whats new?

  • Chat filter(Let's not try to bypass it and...
by Deadly at 11:55 AM
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HI everyone. It has been a couple weeks since one of the most successful events we have had, the 1v1 Tournament. With that said, we have been planning this 2v2 event for some time but we wanted to have some other events besides pvp. This will be the same drill as last time, only when you comment your name, please include a partner. We will provide everything you need, so dont worry about bringing your own gear. Also, if you dont have friends ( @WarmeniusMC ) it is ok to...
by Furry at 2:34 AM
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If you had bought anything before the rollback and lost your keys or rank etc... then message me i'll get it taken care of. Thanks.